Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Bells

We headed to LA last weekend to attend our niece's wedding. This is Carly and her (now) husband Michael. We attended the Friday night dinner for family and friends and had some yummy food and talented entertainment. The entire weekend was beach themed and the dinner was decorated so beautifully. My kids loved all the fun stuff there was to do and the goodies they came home with.

On Saturday we headed to the temple. Emma and Lauren watched all the kids outside while we went in for the sealing. This is Emma with her cousin Jessica. (I left them the camera to keep them entertained.)

Nathan and his cousin Jacob. These two had a great time hanging out and they're both adorable.

The reception was held in a friends backyard. It was gorgeous. I wish I would have taken a picture of the cake, it was beautiful and so Carly. We had to rush home after; wish we could have stayed longer. Thanks Melody, we had a great time and hope you have recovered.


hales said...

I've recovered -- thank you for coming. You guys were such a BIG help with everything. Thank you so much! (I have the best brothers and sisters ever!)

Carly Hales said...

Yes thanks for coming! I agree wholeheartedly about the cake. :-)