Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was tagged by my friend Heidi. Here is the sixth photo from the sixth folder.

Nathan was 18 months old. I was teaching a piano lesson and he wanted me to come see something. When I told him just a minute he got mad. As he ran away he tripped on his blanket and slammed his face into the side of the coffee table. As soon as I turned him around blood came spilling out from under his bottom lip. I took him to Urgent Care where they stitched him up which was no fun because I had to hold him down. And the medicine they used to numb him up didn't work. The nurse said it should make him sleepy but Nathan was wide awake watching everything the doctor was doing. It was crazy but it healed well and he was left with just a small scar. I should feel lucky, he is my only kid that has ever needed stitches.

Monday, February 9, 2009

All About Andrew

At our elementary school they have flag ceremony every Friday. Each class gets a turn to be in charge. A few weeks ago it was Andrew's classes turn. The kids love participating.

Andrew was excited to carry in the Nevada flag.
That Saturday the cub scouts went on a hike. Gary was able to go and they had a great time.
Andrew, of course, had his walking stick that Grandpa Paul made for him.
This last Saturday Andrew competed in his first wrestling tournament. He didn't place but he did great and learned a lot.

The writing on his arm is from the weigh in the night before.

Here he is waiting for his turn. (He's to the left of the ref.) He had to wait 90 minutes before his first match. Sorry no pictures of his match, I was too busy with the video camera.

I ran into an old friend, Tony, that used to wrestle with my brother David when they were Andrew's age. It was good to see he's doing great. Watching Andrew brought back memories of all the tourn. I went to as a kid. I felt as nervous now as I did then. I am glad Andrew has this opportunity, he is learning discipline and confidence and he's having fun.