Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 9th to Andrew

Tomorrow is Andrew's 9th birthday. He has been counting down the days since Emma's birthday. Andrew is an amazing child. The thing I love most about Andrew is his laugh. He is always telling me jokes and when you get him started on a story he might never stop. He is animated when he talks about the things he loves. Today he told me he is going to be something with biology when he grows up, maybe a marine biologist. I know he could do this because he is great at science and math. He is also good at his WII games. But most importantly he is a great brother. We are so glad he is our boy, we love you Andrew!
We let him open his presents tonight. Guess who likes Star Wars?

One of Andrew's favorite things to do is four wheeling with his dad.

Two cute boys.

Andrew's Uncle Micah taking him on the Matterhorn for the first time. He was two!

Micah also took this picture. He always got great smiles from Andrew.

Emma and Andrew. She has always been so good to her little brother.


Just a few minutes old. He was 6lbs. 7 ou. And a beautiful baby.

The Fourth of a Fourth

O.K., I hope I'm doing this right. The fourth picture in my fourth folder. (As per Leslie's request) This is Gary and Nathan (almost one year). They are watering the garden. And even to this day Nathan loves to do anything his dad is doing, especially if there are tools involved.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Here are my cute trick or treaters! Andrew was Darth Vader's apprentice. Katie was a witch (my mom made the costume when I was a kid). And of course, Nathan the cowboy.

We started out with our snake sandwich for dinner. Andrew helped me make it this year.

And lastly, Emma had her party Halloween night. It was super fun. They had pizza and decorated cupcakes. They played Halloween bingo and had a candy bar walk. They also passed out candy to trick or treaters while Gary and I took our kids around the neighborhood. I hope they had fun, I know Emma did.